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  1. unver kaynak says:

    Dear Brother,

    There is some element missing. Your calculated Qıbla direction is the geographical direction (what is measured on the map), or the magnetic (what does compass show) direction. Because of different magnetic deviation at each location, you should indicate that your directions are geographic or magnetic ?

  2. Muhammad Wahab says:

    Assalamo Aleikum,

    Just like other brothers asked, please clarify the reference point, True North? And may ALLAH THE ONLY POWERFULL reward you for this great ideia.

  3. R.M says:

    Jazakallahukhair. May Allah grant you with the best of rewards. This really helped. Please keep up the good work

  4. ch - hakim says:

    salam alikom
    I ask Allah Ta’ala to bless you and protect you nfrom any harm and grant you Jannato Alfirdous..

  5. Salamou alaykom,

    Baraka allahou fik wa jazaka allahou Khayran 3an koll al moslimine.


  6. Ashraf says:

    This is just amazing, I dint know how can anyone pay you back for the service you have given to the whole world with this fantastic invention. I checked a few masjids and I was astonished by the accuracy they had for Qibla hundreds of years ago, only now with this program one can check how clever those people work who had worked out the direction so correctly. God bless you all who were involved in this venture.

  7. Ghizal says:

    I pray to Allah Ta’ala to bless you and reward you with the best you deserve.
    I can not tell you how happy I was to be able to find the right direction to pray.

    Best wishes.

  8. James says:

    I am sort of skeptic of this Qibla locator. Why does it point towards Sweden and Finland. Try to zoom out and look at the red line and follow to the direction it is pointing. This is inaccurate. Mecca is not there. I understand the Earth is round but again, the direction is suppose to not change.

  9. Abdullahb Fahd AL-Towijri says:

    thanks alot it is a great job

    نشكر لكم مجهوداتكم
    ونتمنى لكم حسن العمل

  10. Ibrahim says:

    Mashallah, jazakom Allah khair
    may Allah bless you, an excellent work that will be usefull to Muslim. May Allah reward you Janah, and may Allah join us all together in his high heaven _FERDAWS ALLA_

  11. Maher Abdul-Hai/syrian in kuwait says:

    Al salam alaikom.barak Allahu fi man kam bihaza al 3amal .3amal yahdina ila tareeq mustakeem …….to the muslims in islamic world and even in the whole world specially to those who are muslims in non-muslim countries.jazakom Allah kul khair

  12. Mrs Rauf says:

    SubhaanAllah and JazaaqAllah for your so nice website

  13. Farooq Khan says:

    Wow – another excellent tool – May Allah creator for this marvelous service. ameen

  14. SHIRAZ says:


  15. mohammd Rafiq says:

    Excellent Job.
    I was looking for something like this. May Allah reward you for this noble work. jazak-allah-khair.

  16. amirulzr says:

    alhamdulillah. thank you very much. may Allah bless you.

  17. Asalamu Alaikum says:

    it’s much easier to understand the map and I can now feel confident that I am praying in the right direct towards the kabah!

  18. Imran says:

    I m really thankful to you ppl ALLAH bless you & rewards you with best you did

  19. Furkan says:

    Nice application. Simple and helpful to locate qibla. Allah bless you.

  20. mariam says:

    amazing website it really helped me alot in my project and my praying

  21. You do realize that you will get credit from each of our prayers will for helping us. Thank you and may Allah bless you.

  22. Asif Huda Khan says:

    Dear Brother, wonderful work, simply amazing. Whole thing is very user friendly and works like a charm. Jazak Allah

  23. Mouayad Albaghdadi says:

    May Allah SWT accept your good deeds. Thank you for this useful web site. Good idea.

  24. abdurahman says:

    dear sir,
    really very useful. may god reward your people

  25. Assalamualaykum

    dear brother, Syukron kasiron.

    I would like to thanks to you who has made this great website. but I think if you can made it to enable put it in a website/blog something like widget, many moslem will use it.

    Thank you

  26. mostafa elshemy says:

    لن استطيع ان اقول اكثر من جزاكم الله خيرا ، و كنت اود ان تضعوا الكعبة فى نهاية الخط الاحمر لمزيد من التوضيح
    ذكركم الله فيمن عنده

  27. Gunawan says:

    thanks you for the locator. can you add map selection into share URL? it is nice if the share URL also may use hybrid map selection.
    but anyway, thanks.

  28. Ali says:

    hi brothers
    I usually do not post comments on such websites, but here I just had to apreciate the usefulness of the work you have done and the quality of it. This is a great job. Shows how we muslims can peacefully use emerging new technologies in the way of islam, when we put our minds to it.
    Great job brother and sisters involved in this project. As a muslim, I can realy realy appreciate it. May Allah bestow his endless blessing on you and your good work.
    Keep up the good job
    Ali from Maldives

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