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  1. Akram Hentati says:

    Assalmou 3alaykom,

    Really great Job!Thank you very much!It really helps a lot!

  2. Ali Saeed says:

    Very nice… Thanks…

  3. Abid Goraya says:


    Do you or can you write software that will run on a GPS phone and using the GPS location point towards the Qibla? Meaning take co-ordinates from GPS and tell you the direction of the Qibla?


  4. Sami Chakelli says:

    Assalam alsykum .. May Allah (SWT) bless you . It’s very helpfull service and realy I was need it two years ago when I was traveling to different state in America ! Jazak Allah (SWT) Al-Keir wa Al Hasanat

  5. Mahmoud Abdelrehim says:

    Interesting but some info is missiing!
    What does 136.78 degrees N mean ?
    The google map does not indicate N,E,S,W.

    Please adise.

  6. Laurent says:

    Salam aleikoum wa rahmatoullah,

    I am using this application for some time now, and I would like to give a big thank to its developpers !
    It is really really useful and easy to use.


  7. yassir says:

    As salamu aleikum,
    this site is very usefull espacially in well structred and well know places as in europe or usa but in many arabic/islamic countries google-map has no databaseknowledge about street names and citys etc. so there it isn’t helpfull as long as it is depending on “google-map”… so there’s still much work to do to make it better.. may Allah help you
    was salam

  8. Nazeer Baig says:


    Does it work on PDA/Smartphone, running on Windows mobile?
    It did not work on my XDA atom. Can anyone comment?
    Jazakallah khair.


  9. Nazeer Baig says:


    Does it work on PDA, with windows mobile 6.0 and IE? The web page loads, but does not do anything, when, address is entered and ‘Locate’ button is clicked.


  10. Mehmet says:

    I am very grateful that now everyone can find qibla just by visiting this site and entering the postcode.

    Allah bless you.

    Thank you very much.

  11. Metin says:

    Many thanks for the job.

    It works very well… I didn’t know about this page before I came to a foreign country.

    It is very useful…
    Best Regards.

  12. Nabeel Beg says:

    Can you turn this into an iPhone app? (should be relatively easy… iphone is already loaded with google maps) that way, the embedded GPS would automatically show you your location and the qiblah instantly. that would be awesome, inshallah!

  13. Sophie says:

    MashaAllah, this is a wonderful tool, no matter where you are, this is so helpful!

  14. oualid says:

    baaraka ALLAHOU fik wa jazaaka khayran fi eddonya wa elakhira en chaa ALLAH

  15. Anouar Bannour says:

    Salamou alaykom,

    Baraka allahou fik wa jazaka allahou Khayran 3an koll al moslimine.


  16. Rashid says:

    Really awesome sight
    Excellent USage of technology

    Please make it work for blackberry as well

  17. Paulo says:

    Dear Mr./ Mrs.

    The direction to qibla is TRUE ANGLE or MAGNETIC ANGLE?

    Best Regards


  18. Qamar says:

    Mashallah, very nice and thank you.

  19. Zeki Ozek says:

    thanks for the web. This could be a good for iPod touch and iPhone like google map. Allah helps you.

  20. bashar Kadmani says:

    May Allah reward you for making this helpful website

  21. Humayun Afridi says:

    JazakAllah brother you have solved our biggest problem in finding directions for prayers while travelling to new places.

    May Allah give all of you best of his rewards for all this.


  22. Anas says:

    Salaam, this website is wonderful. However, i had a doubt. I’ve just to a new apartment in Maryland (US) and tried using your tool. But when i zoomed out, it clearly was not pointing toward Makkah. Am I missing something? Please clear my doubt (via email if possible) coz i need to start praying in the right direction. The address for your reference: sweetgum circle, germantown, maryland MD 20874. Thanks!

  23. MINJAMAL says:


    Masha Allah!
    Very useful work to help the Muslim world.


  24. Marwan Kansoh says:

    Salam Alaykom.

    Thank you for this website, May allah reward you with whatever you wish for.

    Great Job 🙂


  25. bro. ware says:


  26. Glenn Williams says:

    Hi. I tried qibla finder from Brooklyn, New York and the red line pointed to a northeastern direction. Is that correct? We are at latitude 40.6795, so that seems funny. Selam.

  27. Glenn Williams says:

    Sorry for the second post, but I found an explanation of why qibla seems to be to the north and east in North america:


  28. Sadiq says:

    There are bugs in the locator. Its not working as i put in a address of Boulder, Colorado. Its showing Qibla to North!

    Then another address of Dhaka, Bangladesh also directing wrongly.

    Pls check the problem.

  29. IBRAHIM says:

    Jazak Allah Khair

  30. Ali Dahneem says:

    North is not shown in the map . I wonder if it is up by default?

  31. Murad says:

    Thanks! Excellend tool.

  32. Abdellah Habbiche says:

    Salam Alaykom.

    Thank you for this website, May allah reward you with whatever you wish for.

    Great Job


  33. Salaam..
    Great tool, May Allah reward for the effort

    A small image arrow sign ( preferable at the end or middle of the line) indicting which direction is the Qibla would be helpful

    Can this tool be interface with portable GPS system?

    An actual www address of ( link) a location ( i.e. Mosque) would be helpful for the purpose of a Hyperlink

    see Google maps of Montreal Mosques

  34. max says:

    is has wrong direction in CANADA

    please repair it

  35. Ammar says:

    My location is in Sydney Australia My GPS Position is S 33 .58 .1 & E 151. 2. 59 . and this Website is really helpful for Me.thanks.”The Beauty of Life does not depened how happy you are…But how happy othere’s… Can be ….Because of You….”

  36. Atif Hussain says:

    Great work ! for Muslim Ummah.. I found it really helpful, i am in vienna and was difficult here to get a location from here.

    may allah give you more wisdom to serve your religion.

  37. I is great. I am going to move to my new house newly develop land. This website really helps me in directing the qibla. Thank you very much.

    Just to update that my in-laws house, the road name is Jalan Tioman dua instead it was read as Jalan Taman Ibu Kota. The location is at Latitude 3.2054; Longitude 101.7124. Could you please change the road name to Jalan Tioman 2.

    Thank you.

  38. Maqbul Hussain says:

    Awesome tool SubhanALLAH !!!
    May ALLAH s.w.t reward you for this invention which would InshaALLAH perfect the prayers direction of many travelling muslim brothers and sisters going forward.
    With Internet phones/pda etc capturing the market with inbuilt GPS, do you think it would be worthwhile for including a feature on the site to automatically find the location using GPS when available. Just a thought…

    Jazah’kALLAH Khair

  39. Levent says:

    Thanks for your Qiblalocator services, we use not only finding qibla but also to see where are we, and where we want to market our beautiful areas in Turkey.

    Note: If we can point off places aon the map and find again easily, that will be very nice.


  40. MIRZA BAIG says:

    Assalaamalaikum brother,
    Thanks a lot. Excellent job.

  41. hiba says:

    Jazakum Allahu Khayran for this amazing effort mashallah..

    I have a small bug to report. When I print the page, the red line showing the direction of the Qibla doesn’t show up. Is that fixable?

  42. John says:

    jazakallah kairon very useful

  43. Suleman says:

    Working perfect for me 🙂

  44. Hassan Haidar says:

    God Bless you and support you on the nice wokr you are doing to improve muslims activities in Canada

    Best Regards

  45. Hassan says:

    thank you very much for this great idea
    it will be perfect if you chnage the + for the position with a humanbieng logo….

  46. Mahmood says:

    How accurate is the qibla locator. I tried different addresses in UK and the direction provided by QL seems to be off the mark.This becomes obvious when I zoomed out and the line of direction goes to the east of the Arabian peninsula (Iraq etc) rather than the western coast of the Arabian peninsula (Hijaz). Wonder if anyone can explain this! Jazk Allah

  47. Nina says:

    thank you very much i was in need of directions for prayer and was stuck, this site was very straight forward and easy to understand

  48. Zuhra says:

    It worked for me! May Allah shower his blessings on you now and forever. I have no words to express my joy at your success.

  49. Elmanyari Ahmed says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    I ask Allah Ta’ala to bless you and protect you nfrom any harm and grant you Jannato Alfirdous..
    Excellent job

  50. sulaiman says:

    salaam, i’ve just started a new placement, forgot to bring my compass; this was really useful

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