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  1. Abdulhakim says:

    Salam Alaikoum Brother,
    May Allah accept from you and bless you. The tool is very accurate in the region where I live. I guess it is the same for other locations.

    Baraka Allahou fika


  2. Yousef Abdulsalam says:

    Great Job!!

    One tip for further enhancing the program is to make it automatically read the user’s IP Address and by default have their location displayed on the map. To get a better idea of what I mean check out google gadget “IP Information” by ‘C.K. Yang’..


  3. Rayed says:

    So great!

    May Allah gives you great reward for doing this.



  4. Mohamed Alsaqaf says:

    Dear brother,
    This is a great work and it shows how can muslims utilize modern technology to improve their reglegous duties performance.
    Is it possible to locate persons location from his IP address then gives him automatically his Qibla direction?

    I wish you all the success.
    Mohamed Alsaqaf

  5. lubna says:

    salam 3alekom :
    its a great job buti had difficulties to find palestaine …you but israel 🙁
    why ?
    Is palestine not included so far?

  6. dear brother, jazakAllah. this is a very nice effort from you. I am in copenhagen and this qibla locator has helped me in getting the qibla direction. May Allah give you courage to make such great projects. take care. salam o alaikum

  7. Ann says:

    Salam wbt,
    I came to know the programs via a friend of mine in UK. Thank you for developing it. I tried it with my current NZ address, it worked beautifully. But when I typed in my Malaysian address, it said that the address cannot be found. Only worked if I typed city or state, like Kuala Lumpur but not the smaller suburbs like Gombak, Selangor or Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang. Does this mean that the database on Google Earth is incomplete? Syukran, jazakallahu khair for your time and effort.

  8. A simple but very useful tool. Thank you.
    Just an idea. it will be easy for the users if you can provide searchin a place based on Latitude/Langitude numbers.

  9. Muhammad says:

    Salam O Alaikum,

    This is a great project! Thanks for your hard work and efforts. Maybe if there was an embeddable code–that would really help many people. If you could do that, please that would be great!


  10. Khairul Azman Aziz says:


    Jazakallahu khair for the magnificent program and for your hardwork. I find the accuracy and speed astonishing.

    However I found that certain addresses would not yield any result. Even when I input the town name “Bandar Baru Bangi” it didn’t show result, whereas when I used manual zooming, I could find the town with its name correctly located. Does this relate to some bug in the Google mapping program which is outside your control?

    Again, may Allah reward you. Thanks heaps.

  11. Aqueel Syed says:

    A.A brother,

    It is a great work, not only me but the entire world appreciating your great work. I am impressed with your idea. I am an IT-Professional myself but did not come up with this idea even though I could have done it. Only Allah can reward you for your community work.

    If you need any assistance in future towards any development of website, please do let me know. I will be happy to assist you in your project.

    Aqueel Syed

  12. Abdullah says:

    Assalam Alikum,
    Excellent work. This site will be the first to look at in my travels. I used to rely on maps and asking hotel staff for help in locating Qibla while traveling, no more will I need that.

    Jazak Allah Khair. I hope you are rewarded in Jannah for this helpful tool.

  13. AlHamdulillaahi Katheeran Bukratan Wa ASeelaa;
    AlHamdulillaahilladhiy Hadhaanaa Liy Haadhaa.
    Jazaakum Allaahu Ta’Aalaa Kullu Khair Wa Baarik Allaahu Fiykum.
    We Muslimeen really have to step back up to the forefront of technology and advancements in excellent thing and overcome the grips of Ash ShaiTaanir Rajeem though his followers be numerous.
    None is a better Helper than Allaah.
    May Allaah Grant us the Favor to Make us among Al ‘Ibaadullaah Is SaliHeen.
    As Salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa RaHmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhuu.

  14. Ruslan Shariff says:

    Dear Mr Ibn Masud

    Mabrook for the great job. It is superb !!! You will help alot of fellow Muslims around the world for the Qiblat direction.

    May Allah swt reward you accordingly, Amein.

    With best regards, wassalam

  15. Sahil says:

    May allah reward you for this great effort

  16. Zeki Ozek says:

    Selamun Alaikum,

    Thanks a lot for this work.

    Allah will accept your works.

    I would like to add somethings;

    the website can start directly in the area of the visitors city or place from the ip address and for the cell phone uses the city or area can be found by the phone’s base station informations.

    So it will be easier to use the map.

    Allah helps you.

  17. Ahmed says:


    Nice work.

    It would be nice to show the full path of the arc when one zooms out to see the whole globe.


  18. bahlawi2000 says:

    Greate Job 🙂

  19. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Your Qibla Locator is what we need! Well done and very useful.

    May I suggest that you incorporate the magnetic pole adjustment to the software so that users have a choice of True North or Magnetic North. Most of us use compass to locate Qibla.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Sharif says:

    I looked up the qibla direction from Melbourne, Australia. The qibla direction given points to somewhere in Africa, not to Mecca at all. Why is that?

  21. Hadi says:

    Dear Friends,

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Jazakum Allah Khair. This is an excellent example of putting the latest technologies to good use. I travel a lot around the world and find your Qibla locator extremely useful. May Allah bless and reward you for this excellent work. Do you realize that inshallah you will get Hasanat everytime someone uses your software and performs his prayers in the correct direction or if someone uses this module to correctly assign the Qibla direction of a mosque.

    Finally, I have a simple request. Is it possible to have the module accept longitue and latitude.



  22. Muslim says:

    Assalamu alaykum wa ra7mato allahi wa barakatuhu.
    I live in North America in the center of the united states. I typed my address in space provided and looked at the map. My zip code is 38103. it gave me a 56.xx from north. I made the map the smallest possible so I can see the Ka3ba location and looked at the red line and I was completely surprised. The red line is going way over where the Ka3ba location is even way over the whole middle east region. Is that a mistake. Please look into that and let me know. I beg of you to look into this. I do not want to pray to the wrong direction. Please help me.

  23. amira bayaa says:

    ارجو الله ان تكون لك صدقة جارية ينتفع بها المسلمين في ديار الاغتراب وفي كل مكان جزاك الله عنا كل خير وانا اغبطك

  24. Qadir says:

    Dear Brother,
    This is wery helpfull and good web site,
    i hope you will improve it by placing prayer times, and a desktop tool for it,
    i beleive then, more muslims will use it on their desktops.
    thansk you again.
    Allah bless you and all muslims.

  25. Alpaslan says:

    Thx for your effort
    very usefull this page

    take care

  26. Cem Sunbul says:

    Great work, thank you very much. I read it on Turkey’s most selling daily newspaper Zaman and checked the site immeadeatly. Thanks again. May Allah bless you for this simple but great idea and may you be Mas’ud in both here in this world and beyond.
    Was salaam

  27. Rahat Shaikh says:


    Dear Brother,

    Qibla locater is miracle indeed, it is really a very big help to locate the right angle for qibla, i tried difference traditional qibla locater compass but didn’t get the right result but with your locater it clear the confusion. May ALLAH give you more strength inventing more helpful resources for muslim brother and sisters.


    Best regards,

  28. Ahmed Ghamdi says:

    Jazakom Allah Koll Khair, this is a great service.

    Before the red line started at Makkah, but today for some reason it starts in the red sea, please check.

    Thank you very much.

  29. Nassim says:

    May Allah reward you with good deeds for every person that finds his direction to Makka through your program.

  30. mujahid7ia says:

    Some people have written that the the qiblah points to Iceland instead of Makkah from North America. That is correct, because a map is flat while the Earth is not. Simple as that. See If you want far, far more detail (more than you need, believe me), get the book by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, “Port in a Storm”, and it will forever silence anyone who thinks the Qiblah in North America should be southeast.

  31. sameen says:

    Mashallah brothers .. great job.
    Jazakhalla khair.

  32. Sultan Ahmad says:

    It is an excellent program for all the Muslims who need to know the location of Qibla when they are outside the known territory.

    May Allah (swt) accept this endeavor of the Br. who had developed the program.


  33. KHAN JUNED says:

    it is one of the most beautiful things to help Muslims all around the world.

  34. KHAN JUNED says:

    May Allah Bless the person who innovated this.

  35. Mohammeed Maqbool Ah says:


  36. ned shanan says:

    a very good site that allow us to know where is the KIBLA direction at any location, may ALLAH bless you all and reward you all with a lot of Hassanat.

  37. Abdullah says:

    An excellent Web site that give the correct direction of Qiblah. it is already corrected a lot of exiting wrong directios on the earth. many Thanks for well job done

  38. Masha Allah, Great Job, well Done Keep it up

  39. Zeki Ozek says:

    Salaam Aleikum,

    Thanks for this helpfull website, again. I have two advises for you.

    1- The site can start from the visitors’ city, country using the ip address

    2- Google have the altitude informations of the places, mountains etc. So it can be calculated when the sun rises and sun down times and the other salah times in a certain point on a map. The result can be compared with the pre calculated salah times and the compared salah times can be shown with the gps coordinations.

    I hope this is useful for you.

    Allah’s help with you.

  40. Faisal Khan says:


    Asslamu alaykum wa rahmatAllah Dear Brother,

    JazzakAllahu khayran wa barakAllahu feekum for this excellent service, shame I only just discovered it yesterday but will inshaAllah do my bit to let others know about it as its an invaluable service, mashaAllah. May Allah bless your affairs and remove all difficulties from your path.

    I checked the direction of several places where I pray, like my house, work, parent’s house, brother’s, sister’s and uncle’s houses and realised we were all slightly out and can inshaAllah now correct the direction using this great service.

    Very grateful indeed for this service, alhamdulillah.



  41. nirman says:

    what a wonderful way, thank you may god be with those people who help others find the right way. that was a problem for me to find the direction of Makka from where I live.

  42. Mohsin says:

    Dear Brother


    May Allah shower His choicest blessings on you and give you best reward for such a wonderful deed. You are helping Muslims all over the world to find the right direction to pray.


    May Allah Bless Us All

  43. anjum says:

    its really marvellous site,it had really helped me a lot to know the proper direction.n may god reward you 4 ths service.
    jazakallahu khair

  44. genieyclo says:

    MashAllah, I love this simple, yet so affective tool! Make Dua for it on!

  45. MAGED says:

    God bless you, i moved to a new house and i was praying to a wrong qibla and using your awesome qibla locator; i found the right one.
    Its really great

  46. Usman says:

    Good Work.May ALLAH reward you for this. Ameen

  47. - says:

    If you zoom out, you can see the small red line attached to the pointer’s tip changing its direction as you move it around makkah.

    Subhan Allah, nice use of meshup.

    keep it up.

  48. sadik says:

    May Allah bless you for this immeasurable service. you will be in everyone’s du’a defacto.
    A little trivia point: try zooming out a little and then finding the exact opposite point on the globe to our beloved Mekkah. It lies somewhere between San Diego, Ca and Hawaii near a small island in the Pacific. On that specific point the qibla can be in any direction. Wassalam.

  49. Mouhannad says:

    I am very grateful to Allah that there are people like you interested of his satisfaction, I hope that Allah reward you as much more than your intention aimed.
    Notice: I didn’t get the red line, although I’ve got my home precisely under the + sign.
    Thank you so much for the marvelous efforts.

  50. Azlan Ahmad says:

    Thank you for creating such wonderful program

    have you made any API of this system by the way?

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